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What next for adult social care: a Liberal Democrat vision for care services

March 12, 2018 9:31 PM
By Rob Bird

Retirement can be challenging, especially if people are facing a reduction in financial circumstances, are living in a home unsuitable for an older person or have become isolated. We need to recognise that older people can and are making positive contributions to society, given the right environments.

The Pensive Old WomanLiberal Democrats have just published a booklet which tries to look at what ageing means as well as how to deal with it. In essence we believe that we as individuals and society as a whole need to be far clearer about how we prepare for our final years. The fact is that we can all do more.

The booklet demonstrates that there are many solutions to these challenges. The better news is that most of the solutions save money and improve lives at the same time. This is still a relatively rich country. It is not beyond our financial means to ensure that all of our citizens have a good third age.

The question is do we have the foresight, the will and the determination to make this happen. The answer must be yes.

Click here to read the booklet in full.